The key to a healthy smile? A healthy mouth. And unlike regular toothpastes, Bright Smile Toothpastes harness the natural power of baking soda (otherwise known as sodium bicarbonate) to go beyond cleaning to give you stronger, healthier teeth and bright smile for years to come*. 

Here’s how Bright SmileBaking Soda Toothpastes help you brush better in three significant ways:

  1. Ultra Strong Natural Stain Remover with powerful yet gentle whitening
  2. All-Round Oral Care to protect enamel 
  3. Naturally Whiter Teeth Removes dirts and food particles while neutralizing plaque acid

1.Ultra Strong Natural Stain Remover

Unlike non-baking soda toothpastes, Bright Smile Toothpastes go beyond cleaning to give you a whole mouth clean you can feel — and so much more.

Penetrating Bubbles: The natural, effervescent cleaning power of baking soda in Bright SmileToothpastes starts working as soon as you start brushing.

quickly dissolving into an active, bubbling foam that leaves your teeth squeaky clean, and leaves your mouth with that “just-brushed” feeling that lasts — and lasts.

The ultimate deep cleaning formula, Essential Herb Deep Clean Toothpaste combines baking soda and Essential Herb.

Penetrating deep between your teeth and spreading along the gum line to deliver a powerful, full coverage clean.

2.All-Round Oral Care

Even though enamel is the hardest substance in the body — even harder than bone — it’s still vulnerable to damage from decay-causing plaque acids and highly abrasive toothpastes. 

Damaging your enamel can cause your dentin to be exposed, which can lead to tooth sensitivity, cavities and a yellow tint to your teeth.Your toothpaste can really make a difference to your enamel. Here’s why:  

  • All toothpastes use different types of abrasives to remove plaque; over time, some abrasives can scratch your enamel, making your teeth more vulnerable to acid erosion. 
  • Relative Dentin Abrasivity (RDA) is a method used to measure toothpaste abrasivity and its impact on dentin and enamel. Choosing a toothpaste with a low RDA is a proactive way to protect your teeth. 

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3.Naturally Whiter Teeth

Attacks Plaque Bright SmileToothpastes are clinically proven to remove up to 5 times more plaque in hard-to-reach places than non-baking soda toothpastes — going beyond the brush to clean deep and strengthen enamel. 

For healthier teeth and gums, our Complete Care Toothpaste removes plaque, neutralizes harmful acids and safely whitens your teeth, all in one hardworking toothpaste. 

Safe, Yet Powerful Whitening: A whiter smile is always in demand, and consumers want more natural ways to brighten theirs. 

Baking soda offers a safe, effective and proven way to whiten and brighten your smile, by gently lifting and removing surface stains without harming your enamel.  

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What other people says

Sandra- United kingdom

Once you use this, you hate other toothpaste, I was impressed with how fresh and clean it made my mouth feel though, so I stuck with it. Now if I use any other brand, I feel like I've brushed with sugar and hate all other toothpastes. The taste = fresh to my brain now.

Brooke- Unites States

would recommend for a whiter smile, my teeth have been stained for years, sodas, coffee, tea, smoking; i am almost done with my second tube of this toothpaste and i am starting to see white teeth again, i have tried multiple other brands of toothpaste and have never had results like this, i would recommend this shy of whitening strips this stuff works great.

Paulette - Australia

One of top toothpaste picks as a family, A year or two ago we grabbed this tooth paste to change up our routine and fell in love. It really does a great job on cleaning. I was very excited to find a double pack at such a great price.

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