Not Your Regular Mat, Make Your Bathroom  Safer & More Hygienic  

Forget About Your Regular Cheap Plastic Full Of Mold Mat And Say Hello To The Safer & More Hygienic Non-Slip Mat

  • Non-Slip Design Provides Grip & Safety

  • Microban Antibacterial Material

  • Water Draining Built To Never Stain 

  • Minimal Upkeep, Last For Years

No More Slippery & Gross Mat

We usually take a shower first thing in the morning or late at night after a long day. Our customers reported an increased comfort knowing they are safe from accidental slips due to tiredness or sleepiness and not having to worry about mold and bacteria. With its elegant look and texture, it also feels like a luxury upgrade from a traditional plastic mat or no mat at all.

Traditional bathing mats are made from cheap plastics that never drain the water and grow mold and mildew underneath them. It’s beyond gross... it’s an accident waiting to happen.

Never Slip Again

According to the CDC, over 190,000 Americans slip on wet bathroom floors every year! Plastic bathing mats are also breeding grounds for bacteria, which can transfer to your body and cause skin irritation or foot fungus.

Fortunately, there’s now a more hygienic way to let you have safe, comfortable showers without worrying.

Prevent Bacteria & Fungus

The Never Slip Bath Mat is made of 100% top-grade Microban & Loofah fabrics — a quick-draining, anti-bacteria material that lets water through and fully drains it at the same time without leaving any ground for mold growth.

And since Microban & Loofah don’t ever need to be washed or lose their draining power, it can keep your bathtub & shower safe, non-slippery, dry, & safe for decades.

Improve Your Bathing Experience

No more hair from clogging in the drain

Easy to clean forget about get stained

Drains Immediately Never moldy, smelly, or slippery


We’re so confident you’ll love The Never Slip Mat we’regiving you 30-days of protection at no extra charge.

Join Thousands of Satisfied Customers

Americans are loving how quick-dry, non-slip,affordable, and neat-looking The Never Slip Mat is.

24/7 Customer Service

If you have any questions or concerns, you can contactour 24/7 customer support through Facebook or Email.

Your Questions, Answered.

Is the Never Slip Mat Washable?

Yes, They are easy to clean in the tub just by soaking in soap and rinsing.

Does this stick to a textured tub?

This shower mat can be put on clean and flat surface. But this mat doesn't have suctions to stick to any surface.

Can this be disinfected with bleach?

The shower mat is not suggested to disinfect with bleach, because it is made of PVC material.

Make your bathtub or shower more secure & Hygienic

“Love this mat! most important my feet don't slide on the tub floor. at my age of 60s it's important to feel secure when you take a shower”


Now You Can Trow Your Regular Shower Mat In The Trash

Prevents Slipping -- The soft, chalky texture firmly grips your feet. Plus, the special non-slip layer helps to keep it from sliding on the floor. Absorbed water quickly drains, so your bathtub or shower stays slime-free and slip-resistant.

Unbelievable Drainage -- No Water & Soap Build-Up -- The Secure Mat's loofah-like surface has millions of small holes that instantly drain water. You can easily bath on it without worrying about slipping because of water & soap build-up!

Microban Fibers That Inhibit Mold & Mildew Growth -- Traditional plastic bathing mats never drain all the water, making them the perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria & fungi. With the water drainage features and the Microban fibers that are incorporated into the manufacturing, germs simply can’t live on the material.

Soft & Cushiony Under Your Feet -- The Secure Mat's plush texture molds to the shape of your feet giving you a luxury bathing experience close to a daily foot massage.


  • Non-Slip Design Provides Grip & Safety

  • Microban Antibacterial Material

  • Water Draining Built To Never Stain 

  • Minimal Upkeep, Last For Years

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