Heart Snowball Maker

Heart Snowball Maker

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Now you or your kids can mold a perfect snowball heart, with the perfect snowball maker set.

Don't let your snowball fights cut short when your fingers get too cold to form the balls. Here comes a snowball maker that can make adorable snow balls and ducks in seconds! This will make the perfect snow ball everytime. Kids love them as do adults. Such fun in the snow!

Whether your child is a snow art savant and wants to make flawless snow designs using these snow mold toys, or they just want their neighbors to see hearts, snowmen, and ducks before getting pelted with snow, these are a unique gift for any creative child that likes to play in the snow.

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The round mold helps to easily create a perfectly round snowball in just seconds! Simply scoop up the snow, press down the handle to compact the collected snow, and you are ready for a snowball showdown.

The long handle is comfortable to grab when making the perfect snow ball. The handle also helps to keep your hands from getting cold and wet while forming your arsenal of snowballs.