Outdoor Camping Tableware Set

Outdoor Camping Tableware Set

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Camp Like You Never Camped Before!


Non-slip heat-proof design

To protect against heat, the lid and handle cover are made of plastic to prevent accidental burns. Feel free to use it even when the pot is heated


Foldable handle Easy to carry

When the handle is folded, the nine-piece set can be stored together. It's very small in size, so it's very convenient to carry


Food grade material

A light, non-toxic, healthy and environmentally type of pot made of environmentally anodized aluminum material. It is easy to catch fire because it uses aluminum with excellent thermal conductivity.


Can be used on different stoves

It can be baked on a very convenient fire, which can be suitable for various types of stoves. With a mesh pouch for outdoor tableware, it is compact and can be stored, making it convenient to carry


High strength and high durability

Since the hard anodized pot has a high surface hardness, it has high wear resistance and can be used for a long time by avoiding scratches and corrosion on the surface


Various uses

Suitable for various cooking methods such as baking, frying, frying and simmering.

Suitable for both home and outdoor use, it is very popular for camping touring, mountaineering, BBQ and fishing.

A cooker set that can be used in emergencies and disaster prevention



Product description and specifications

Size: Pot: 3.54" x 6.81" 

Kettle: 3.54" x 6.1"

Frying pan: 1.57" x 7" 


Material: Pot set body / Ultra-light aluminum oxide

Handle / Anzen food-grade silicone and stainless steel

Capacity: Pot / 1.6 Maximum capacity

Pot / 1.6L

Weight: 600g

Number of people used: 2-3 people (recommended)

Package Include

1x Kettle
1x Soup Pot
1x Frying Pan
1x Spatula
2x Bowls
1x Cleaning sponge