Ambilight Smart LED TV Strip

Ambilight Smart LED TV Strip

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5M 30LEDs Kit
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  • RGB lighting effect: our RGB technology allows you to customize each strip light segment. Colors picker ensures more vibrant colors in your light strip to upgrade your visual experience.
  • Dual control methods: manage your lights with the control box or via Govee Home app. Enjoy access to more features like music mode, scene mode and timer, helping you create the ambiance.
  • Music mode: our TV backlights are equipped with a built-in mic, change colors with the sounds of your TV or PC, allowing you to create the ideal ambiance for your gaming worlds or movie marathons.
  • Dynamic scene modes: the Govee Home app offers multiple preset scene modes, helping you create the vibe you need. Your TV watching experience will never be the same with your TV backlights.
  • Install with ease: adhesives and clips not only makes setup simple but also ensures your strip lights do not fall. Your lights are powered by 5V, 10W. Short circuit protection ensures safety during use.


(2)Android system TV/TV boxs (Android 5.1/6/7/8/9 version):not work forAndroid 9 Xiaomi firmwares,not work for android 10 tv ;

use Ambient light Application for Android(Paid software)

(3)Raspberry Pi: Openelec/libreelec+Hyperion

(4) Linux PC : use Prismatik

2.Important To Know First !!!

The picture from the TV tuner is not processed at the Android OS level, the backlight with regular tv channels will not work. The backlight works only in Android OS applications that do not use protected content. 4K performance depends only on the capabilities of the equipment.

Unfortunately, programs such as YouTube and Netflix use protected content, the backlight in such programs will not work. This may not work properly on the latest Android 9 Xiaomi firmwares.


3.Package included:

1) Controller box

2) Hight quality led strip

3) USB cable

4) 5V Power adapter EU/US Options (If you need UK or AU Plug,please let me know first before order,thank you)

If you need the L shape connectors,you should buy seperatly.






How to use on Android TV?

Needs:Android TV/TV boxs(Android 5.1/6/7/8/9): 'Ambient light Application for Android'Paid software)

Note:Please confirm if yourTV/TV boxcan run this app before purchasing.

(Or, the video signal of the computer is output to TV , TV as monitor.)
(Or, install or run Openelec/libreelec+Hyperion on your TV/TV box.)




How to use on PC?

Step 1: Install LED light on your PC. (please refer to the video for details)

Step 2: Setting up the Ambibox Capture Software.

a. Ambibox software(Shareware); Download link:
b. Run the Ambibox software, when installing, it recommends to use PlayClaw, I wouldn't recommend to using it.
c. Select device and set this as "Adalight", under menu of "Intelligent backlight display", select the Port and the COM Port that your device has been detected. If select correctly, you can see Device Status: Connected, also down the bottom left it will say Adalight: connected.
d. Once you setted up, you can select the "Wizard capture zones" which will automatically generate all capture zones for you.

PRO TIPS:if you find your colours are washing out or seem very white rather than colourful, adjust your gamma settings, if you getting a white backlight on a pure black screen, increase the size of sample zones, It will take a bit of fine tuning but worth it!

Note:Do not work for PS4/5 or other game box~

This item could only use on android (5/6/7/8)tv or pc ,do not support to work FOR LG or Samsung TV,because they are not Android system TV.
If you want to use it with smart TV, you must connect an extra Android5/6/7/8 TV box to your TV first, then can be used with our product.
The led strip only work properly after set correctly and installation on TV or PC. If you have any problem,contact us seller to check it for you.