Traditional Crafted Pow Wok Pan

Traditional Crafted Pow Wok Pan

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Crafted from premium carbon steel, Babyltrl wok pan combined the benefits of cast iron and stainless steel, the wok is processed with double oxidizing and nutriding treatment, as well as three-time high temperature resistance which provides superior performance on HEAT CONDUCTION and DISTRUBUTION, so you can enjoy fast cooking while preserve more nutrients and flavors with every cooking
  • Traditional Chinese hand hammered wok is made of 1.5mm thick black carbon steel, it can ensure fast heat up. In addition, we adopt nitriding craftsmanship to avoid rusting. And it is thin and lightweight, it is convenient for women to lift wok pan and make delicious meals at home.
  • Cooking vegetables in an iron pot can greatly reduce the loss of vitamin C in vegetables, which in turn can provide more nutrition for the diet. Also, for prevention of iron deficiency anemia or iron supplementation, cooking with iron wok is beneficial to human body.
  • Flat bottom wok frying pan stands for induction cooktop, electric top stove, gas cooker, glass stove top, ceramic stove and other direct heat sources.
  • The handle is detachable with no tools required, convenient for oven use and easy storage.The ergonomic of the wooden handle design brings us comfortable grip feeling. Please detach the wooden handle before put in the oven, safe to 550 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to season the iron wok?

Step 1:Clean and Dry the Wok

wok pan

Rinse thoroughly with water. Dry the surface with a towel or kitchen paper

Step 2:Evenly Oiled the Pan

wok pan

Heat he wok over low heat and pour in oil, move the wok slowly to heat from center to edge, make oil evenly spread on the inner wall.(Pork is best)

Step 3:Repeat Oil Twice

wok pan

The whole heating will take about 10 minutes, repeat do this twice.

Step 4:Fully Absorb the Oil

wok pan

After seasoning, the oil need be kept in the wok for 45 minutes. So that the pan can fully absorb the oil.


1. Please seaon the wok for first time use, it will become more and more non-stick through your seasoning.

2. The non-stick effect can be achieved after the oil has warmed up the pan

3. After cooking, please move the food to other containers, as the salt and acid components in the food will penetrate the iron surface, which may affect the special treatment effect of the surface.

4. It needs to be cleaned in time, kindly note do not use the dishwasher. Keep it dry after cleaning.

5. Never scrub a carbon-steel wok with a abrasive detergent or a metallic sponge, seasoned surface would be destroyed.


Package Include

1x Wooden Lid and Traditional Crafted Pow Wok Pan